Hello, fellow MTFheads.

My name is Tomash Ghz, I am a Berlin-based human being that is fascinated by modular synthesis, creates electronic instruments and collects records. I strongly believe that in our modern age of instant access to worldwide communication as well as the relative ease of spontaneous travel, where we come from is not as important as where we are heading to (but you are more than welcome to guess).

A few of the fields that fuel the flames of my imagination are embedded electronics, algorithmic design, modular synthesis, analogue circuit design, data sonification and experimental interaction. In the past I had the opportunity to work on projects that involved making sounds from brainwaves (Electroencephalography) and muscle activity (Electromyography), making plants sing (Galvanic Skin Response), creating interactive gloves, installations, sound performances and various obscure as well as more conventional instruments like synthesisers, drum machines, eurorack modules, sequencers, and controllers. Currently, I am occupied in the field of haptics (Kinesthetic communication) with a small group of talented engineers.

Some of my hard-acquired skills (among others) include; handling soldering irons by the wrong bit, fortune telling with oscilloscopes, releasing the magic smoke from electronics, reanimating microcontrollers (Arduino, Teensy, STM32) as well as making my coding professors cringe by (ab)using environments like Processing and openFrameworks.

As a first timer at MTF and the 24-hour Hack Camp, I am very excited to meet all of you in Stockholm and anticipate dwelling on your projects, exchanging creative ideas and perhaps collaborating somehow.