Mind Over Matter

STEAM Education for Creative Young People


We used the MTF Labs Makeathon methodology, developed as part of our youth-oriented MTF Sparks events around the world, as the basis for a groundbreaking Erasmus+ educational project that introduced Arts-orientated young people to science and technology in a way that would encourage them to pursue these pathways further.

Mind Over Matter (MOM) project leveraged the opportunities inherent in STEAM educational activities to engage and inspire young people to follow STEM pathways through their further education and into both STEM and newly emerging STEAM careers. 

The combination of technology and creativity allows young people who might not immediately self-identify as a candidate for a STEM pathway to have a positive experience of STEM subjects in the context of something that more readily captures their imagination, and is project and goal-oriented than detail-focused.


National and International Makeathons

MTF’s STEAM-powered educational Makeathons inspire young people to address grand challenges using a combination of creativity, technical skill and collaboration.

Most STEM and STEAM workshops are organised around a specific objective that an educator defines at the beginning and the students learn by following a series of prescriptive steps. In contrast, MTF’s Makeathons challenge students to find creative solutions and new ways of addressing the problems presented, while learning valuable skills - not just in a top-down manner, but also peer-to- peer.

This approach brings out the creativity and innovation that young people are innately capable of and leads to a variety and scope of educational outcomes that an educator is not able to anticipate nor match in other ways.

Learn more about the MTF Makeathon methodology here.

Card Game

MOM created an innovative card game methodology for idea generation and to create a research question and challenge that students addressed by prototyping with technology.

Student Projects

MOM participants developed and presented imaginative, inventive and practical solutions to the challenges posed by their research question.


Educational tools and resources developed for the Mind Over Matter project and beyond. Resources include a free 40-page guide to running your own Makeathon.

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