The MTF stage is a creative playground for experimentation with new music technologies and new ideas for music performance. Everything is allowed: hacking into existing controllers, collaborating with professional musicians, experimenting with new ideas in situ, impromptu jumping onto the stage. The Music Tech Fest ethos is about being totally hands-on with technology, rough and ready with noise making, and experimental with the immediacy of self-expression. We do not encourage smoothing over cracks, fixing it in the mix or autotuning. Nothing is a mistake and there are no rehearsals. But you can always expect surprises.


Over 800 performers and inventors have presented their work on the Music Tech Fest stage since we began, and they’ve been joined by over 500 hackers who have showcased the results of their 24-hour hack camp experiments. We film everything that appears on the festival stage, and release the videos on the MTF channel.

We’re a diverse community, hugely varied in age, background and specialism. The #MTFStage has featured everyone from punk legends to dentists, computer engineers to classical composers, students to industry veterans, robots to jazz bands. Submissions for #MTFBerlin are now closed - but if you have a performance or project that you think we should see - send us an email.



If you have a performance or a demo that you would like to showcase on the #MTFStage contact us.