MTF Paris

IRCAM, Centre Pompidou. 21-23 November 2014

During the weekend of 21-23 November, IRCAM - Centre Pompidou became a creative playground for experimentation with new music technologies and new ideas for music performance. Everything was allowed: hacking into existing controllers, collaborating with professional musicians, experimenting with new ideas in situ, impromptu jumping onto the stage. The Music Tech Fest “Gunk” (Geek Punk) ethos is all about being totally hands-on with technology, rough and ready with noise making, and experimental with the immediacy of self-expression. We do not encourage smoothing over cracks, fixing it in the mix, or autotuning. Nothing is a mistake and there are no rehearsals. But you can always expect a few surprises.

Music is a social glue. The Music Tech Fest community is active on all fronts. The Manifesto for Music Technologists gathered hundreds of signatures. At the “afterparty” symposium on Monday 24th at IRCAM we discussed Human Music Interaction.

We evolved ideas over three months in three major European cities. London brought us the awesome and surprising Kids Music Hack run by our partners Sandbox Education. Berlin initiated the Telejamming with Barcelona and Telehacking with Boston. We continued these experiments in Paris with another Telejamming session and a Paris-Boston Telehackathon.

Paris also brought us Women in Tech run by the awesome G.Hack in conjunction with our partners C4DM at QMUL. Music Tech Fest Paris ran in conjunction with the IRCAM FORUM.

We are a community with a festival, not a festival with a community. For more content from everyone involved, go to our tube channelour blogour little birdieF**Bthe square photothe two dots, and Blink Tin.