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Design for Radical Inclusion

Open Minds is an innovative venture funded by the European Erasmus+ programme. It reimagines design education through the principle of Radical Inclusion.

This initiative is more than an educational program for young people aged 18-30; it’s a transformative approach towards integrating diverse perspectives into societal development.

Radical Inclusion goes beyond traditional accessibility, embedding the diverse voices of often marginalised individuals directly into the design process.

Open Minds challenges and reconstructs the disabling environments that have historically perpetuated exclusion. The program uses an innovative card game methodology for collaborative ideation as well as a specially designed physical computing toolkit for prototyping in week-long creative innovation labs.


The 110-page Open Minds Handbook is a free, practical guide to equip educators and others with a concrete and usable set of tools and methodologies drawn from the Open Minds project to replicate our curriculum or adapt the principles of Radical Inclusion into their own teaching practices. The content is flexible, allowing you to tailor the information to suit your specific educational contexts and needs.

It’s not just about presenting our findings and experiences; it’s about giving you the resources to implement these ideas in your own environments.


The ACCAC team from Tampere introduce and discuss the concept of Radical Inclusion


Open Minds is grounded in the belief that true innovation in design and education stems from the practice of Radical Inclusion. We believe that everyone can and should contribute meaningfully to the grand challenges facing us today, regardless of gender, ethnicity, circumstances or disability.

It is not an impairment that hinders someone’s full participation in society but rather the disabling environments and infrastructures that create barriers.

Radical Inclusion is about more than just ensuring accessibility; it’s about rethinking the design process to incorporate diverse perspectives proactively.


Over 250 participants aged 18-30 from five countries participated in the Open Minds programme in 2023. However, the design education programme is open and available for anyone to use. It consists of two main sections: an innovation process guided by a collaborative card game and a prototyping creative innovation lab using a unique physical computing toolkit. These are supported by a fully-developed curriculum, facilitator’s guide, complete 110-page handbook, further reading guide, library of online educational resources and collection of downloadable material and introductory videos, free for you to use.

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Open Minds Resources


A unique Open Minds card game - an ideation methodology for collaborative design.


A specially-designed multisensory physical computing prototyping platform for use in the Open Minds creative innovation labs.


The full curriculum outline for the Open Minds Design for Radical Inclusion education programme.


A helpful guide for youth workers and facilitators to enable you to deliver the Open Minds programme.


Open Minds brings together expert partners from Sweden, Croatia, Portugal, Finland and Albania to develop, promote and enable design education for radical inclusion at universities, FabLabs, cultural and creative centres and innovation labs.

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At the first Open Minds Multiplier Event in Brussels, local experts give their feedback on the methodology

Co-funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union

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