“At the Berlin Music Tech Fest, the human being is enhanced through music”

Elsa Ferreira, Makery / France

BBC Click September 2014


“DIY is everywhere, from junkyard-assembled instruments to giving kids the tools they need to make their own instruments – all with a “gunk” or geek punk aesthetic. Beyond just interesting one-off projects, that extends to systematic efforts to make open blocks on which other research can build, including the #MusicBricks program which binds together European research and innovation.”

Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music

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BBC Click April 2014


“There was an infectious vibe of collaboration and exploration - pop into the MTF jam room and you might find Graham Massey and Matt Black jamming together. At close of play people would be swapping tips on the latest music gear they were helping crowdfund. You could even hear and feel your coffee being made, as part of a sound art installation.”

Terry Tyldesley, Kitmonsters

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