My name is Julia Krantz and I’m an artist and designer working at the interface between fashion, art and technology. Having a background as a textile artist, I started looking at the game industry and character design and how fashion could relate to new technologies. In 2014 I launched the blog Magic Fabric about the interface between fashion and video games where I interview people all over the world working with games, 3D technologies and virtual fashion.

Today I work as the Creative Director for technology company Volumental innovating how people buy shoes by using 3D scanning and AI.

I am very interested in artistic takes on technology and how humanist perspectives can catapult technology into the unexpected and the unexplored. I see experimental approaches as a necessity for the future of technology in an automatized and robotized future.

At MTF I will be part of the Creative Labs. I’m looking forward to new ideas and lots of new faces at MTF Stockholm!