Sunday mornings at Music Tech Fest are about making, inventing and building new playful music ideas in our Kids Hack Camp. Our specialist workshop leaders are skilled educators who provide children with the tools and the skills to make their own creative project and build their own musical instruments - while learning coding, physical computing and music participation and having great fun. In the afternoon the kids present and perform with their inventions on the main stage - which is always a real highlight of the festival.




The first ever #MTFKids hack in London brought us the awesome and surprising results thanks to our partners Sandbox Education. At #MTFScandi Sandbox Education joined forces with Umeå’s Kulturverket for the Volvo Kids Hack Camp to showcase the inventors of the future.


Music Tech Fest is the festival of music ideas. It’s a three-day creative laboratory that brings together inventors, media, artists, academia, industry and cultural performance. It features innovative technology, performances, inventions, presentations and cutting-edge research in a hands-on, experimental and improvisational space. The purpose is to develop, explore and play with technology, body, voice and movement to invent new musical instruments and experiences. We want to open this playful experimentation up to the best playful experimenters.


For more information, contact kids@mtflabs.net