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Catch MTFer Eden Grey's new podcast episode with birdkids producer and creative director, Michael Beim as they talk about design, ideas, and bringing it to fruition. ... See MoreSee Less
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I've been finding a great way to keep kids engaged in remote lessons is to make them giggle. Today I very slowly and loudly ate a packet of crisps while they were working on something. Worked a treat.

"What I would just hope is that when this is all said and done, that I leave the comic industry better than I found it." Catch Heavy Metal Magazine Executive Editor, @JosephPIllidge, on this week's MTF Podcast https://buff.ly/2Mf8hlO

In an era of enforced distance, let's be alone together. Enter the Soundhouse listening rooms at the @BarbicanCentre to discover new audio and essays from around the world that explore intimacy. https://buff.ly/3aVVIWj

At MTF Labs HQ today, we are listening to the first new album in 30 years (now, sadly, posthumous) by ambient electronic music pioneer Pauline Anna Strom.

Bandcamp link: https://paulineannastrom.bandcamp.com/album/angel-tears-in-sunlight

Read about her work and legacy here: https://www.ft.com/content/14e2bdc2-7a2b-4349-9194-19808b2e72d4

"As my career continued, what I found is the mission for inclusion & equal opportunity encompassed more and more groups, and ultimately encompasses everyone who represents the 'other.'" @JosephPIllidge on representation in media on this week's MTF Podcast https://buff.ly/2Mf8hlO

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