MTF Aveiro 2021

For the second time around, the week-long MTF labs were held in Aveiro, Portugal where 50 experts from 26 countries and 8 global online satellites gathered to co-create and brainstorm around the topic of “Just Ocean”. Under strict safety protocols due to the Covid pandemic crisis, the results were still astonishing, resulting in 13 original new projects and a final collaborative performance in six movements

Despite working at the University of Aveiro for 20 years, MTF Labs gave me the opportunity to experience the city in a different way. The diversity and mix of participants in terms of countries of origin and areas of interest and expertise reminded me of the times I lived in London as it brought to Aveiro an international and highly creative atmosphere. It also gave me the opportunity to participate in a project that simultaneously draws attention to the threats that the Ria de Aveiro is facing as well as its potential in socio-economic, cultural and environmental terms.

Pedro Carvalho de Almeida



Meet the MTF Labs experts. artists, inventors and creators who contributed to MTF Aveiro 21


In a week of creative brainstorming and co-creation in response to grand challenges under the theme ‘Just Ocean’, 13 separate projects including a 6-part oceanographic symphony were created, documented and performed.




The MTF exclusives featured live inspirational presentations and performances from high-level experts from all around the world. 



The student mentorships are weekly sessions run by Peter Keen and Alexandra Antonopolou. Those are designed to help students develop further their projects on the ‘Just Ocean’ theme.




The MTF Labs Aveiro Satellites brought together eight university or research institutions around the world to work together on projects around the theme ‘Just Ocean’. Involving participants from diverse cultures, disciplines and education levels.


MTF Labs Aveiro Part 2.

I really enjoyed the whole event and the selection of the people. I felt that there was an honest sense of inclusiveness that allows for boundless creativity and circulation of ideas.

Konstantinos Damianakis

I loved every single person it this lab, their minds, their heart and of course their individuality. I learned a lot about ocean noise pollution, and that awareness urged me to act against it.

Diana Vieira

MTF Labs Aveiro was a mind blowing experience which brought me inspiration for years to come


Since the MTF Labs 2021, several results have travelled the world. One is the documentary produced about

local communities in Aveiro facing climate change. 

Watch the award-winning Wetland documentary. The director Andrew Dubber discovers the culture of Aveiro, a city under imminent threat of ocean rise due to climate change and undergoing the loss of cultural heritage and traditional industries.

MTF Aveiro Participants

Meet the MTF Labs experts, artists, inventors, creators and students who contributed to MTF Aveiro.

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