Hello there!

I’m Grace McCallum. Originally from Tasmania, Australia, I came to Sweden for the first time in 2014 after winning the global search for the only non-Swedish member of the official 40th Anniversary ABBA Choir, initiated by ABBA The Museum, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson. After returning to Australia I was offered my dream job as a journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation but I’d fallen head over heels in love with Sweden and its music industry, so I hopped on a one way flight to Stockholm the following year to pursue my singing career.

After crossing paths with my now cofounder, Sara Herrlin, I discovered music tech. Coming from a fairly tech-challenged background, it was at this point that I had the revelation that music tech could be a real game changer for fellow music creators and evolve the industry for the better. We created STHLM Music City in 2016, a global community bringing together music creators, music tech innovators, music industry professionals and investors. Our aim is to drive the music industry into the future through innovation, benefitting creators and cementing Stockholm as the music tech capital of the world.

While singing and working on STHLM Music City, I am also a freelance journalist and media and communications consultant and moderator. I specialise in the creative industries and innovation sectors.

This year at Music Tech Fest Stockholm you can find me microphone in hand (typical!), chatting to interesting festival participants on stage. Don’t forget to come armed with thought-provoking questions for our incredible guests. Drop by our STHLM Music City community meetup on Friday September 7th and say hello if you see me around!

Look forward to meeting all of you at MTF Stockholm!