My name is Tobias Edman. I work at the Swedish National Space Agency with Innovation and Public benefit. I am a bit of a landscape and Earth Observation Nerd. I like to see the changes in landscapes and be able to understand how they function, without really needing to get there. Going somewhere, I will always start with the Satellite imagery over that location. As images says more than maps regarding the character of a place. For the tech fest I have arranged with a API, together with Johnnie Hård at Synvinkel, making it possible to create music from space data. The data from the Copernicus program will make it possible to create site specific music for every place on earth. This will give an extra dimension to every landscape I have ever visited or every town I have ever been to.
The concept of landscape music is new to me, though music has influenced musicians throughout the ages. Landscape paintings and novels situated in certain environments is despite this what I think of when art and landscapes are mentioned. The space data is collected contiously, which will make the music change with the season or the seasons be the base of the music. The music will be in constant movement, just as life and the landscapes we live in. This is super cool.
Regarding space data I work to promote the use of space data and exploitation of space data as part of sustainable business models and to promote space data as part of public benefit solutions.
I previously co-founded the Geografiska Informationsbyrån, developing innovative tools and services for agriculture and city planning.
I hope that the Music Tech Fest will be an inspiration to create really cool stuff with space data, not only music.

See you at MTF Stockholm