Hello from Germany - my name is Bettina Binder. I am a classically trained pianist and literature lover, working in the music management field. Music is of course a big part of my life, among many other interests like human behaviour, psychology, personal development, tech, sports and food.

After a 5 year-work-experience in classical music management, managing and organizing streaming and broadcasting content, I discovered that there are so many possibilities out there. Recently I got very passionate about creating a VR-experiences in a classical orchestra set-up. Being surrounded by people who love art and music is an amazing privilege - but I also love to connect the “dots”, bringing people from different fields together to create something amazing and new.

I always look for tools that make any learning experience more efficient. During my part-time-master’s at Hyper Island, i got “infused” by many different things: co-creation, collaboration and technology. What I would especially love is to find out more about the tools that make people work together in the most effective and inspiring way - finding the intersections and working in cross-functional teams is something I just love exploring.

I always like to bring out the potential of the people I work with - leading a classical music festival was an interesting experience, which confronted me with all aspects from the management perspective. I am now very curious and excited to experience this community and collaboration between music, technology and other very interesting fields I might not know about yet.

See you at MTF Stockholm!