My name is Aleksandra Pykacz, I’m a classical cellist who wanted to be more than that. After hearing for many years that I should focus on one and only thing (yes, you guessed it - cello), I decided to pursue Management studies at the University in Brussels. I think I always had somewhat of an entrepreneurial spirit and I wanted to start my own company, so it was a good choice.

Now I’d like to try it all, my head explodes because I have so many ideas every minute. I’m really interested in business and innovation, but not quite wanting to completely abandon the artistic side of my personality. I still figure out how to combine all of these things together. If you have similar issues, let me know, and we can talk about it! It’s always more fun to brainstorm with someone else.

I’ll volunteer this year at the Music Tech Fest and cannot wait to meet all the wonderful and inspiring people.

See you very soon!