My name is Matt Aimonetti and I’m a former sound engineer, software / hardware hacker and entrepreneur. I am also the Co-Founder and CTO of Splice, where I focus my energy on evolving the creative process and creating new opportunities for musicians to thrive.

After traveling the world for many years, my family and I settled down in Los Angeles (I have two kids). We get to meet very inspiring people: musicians, writers, aerospace engineers, artists and always enjoy sharing amazing food from around the world with them. In my free time, my 8 year old daughter and I are building a synth/sampler in our garage. This is a fun experiment and my daughter is the best boss I ever had! When she’s not around, you can find me having fun trying to teach computers music theory, write audio codecs or IoT drivers.

I started Splice because I wanted to leverage modern technology to help music producers. Living through the analog to digital transition, I saw how things changed so dramatically for what we thought was for the best. Yet, technology seems to be one of the main blockers preventing interested parties from getting in the “flow”. I got into software engineering due to a strong interest in reverse engineering and today I’m trying to use my past experience to better support creators and cultivate an open ecosystem for musicians.

I’m looking forward to meeting awesome people at MTF Stockholm - see you there!