Hack - or be hacked: #hacktheartist & #hacktheDJ at #MTFCentral.

More artists and musicians, more music and technology companies, more inventors and their incredible machines, and more makers, developers and designers are joining us all the time. From music-making robots to instruments that remove barriers to participation for musicians with disabilities; from new formats for music to music made with chemistry and brainwaves.

And now there’s more to the hack camp too. You don’t have to be a programmer, an electronics expert or a maker to get involved. Artists - we want you too…

BE the artist in B3 Media’s #hacktheartist challenge

If you’re a UK-based cross-platform artist with a creative idea, a knack for storytelling and an interest in music tech - we want to hack YOU.

You could be one of B3 Media’s #hacktheartist artists. They’ll bring you to #MTFCentral in Ljubljana and register you in the hack camp - where you’ll have the opportunity to team up with creative technologists, work with new media tech and translate your creative ideas into fresh forms that will lead the way in future storytelling platforms..

Eligible projects will receive further development support as part of B3’s Talentlab programme over 10 weeks (October – December 2015). B3 Talentlab aims to transform emerging talent, using a model that has proven successful across film, digital arts and interactive media.

Apply now to be part of B3 Media’s #hacktheartist. It’s a very simple 1-page application, and entries close 9th September - so be quick!

Hack #barryslounge

Hackers - we’re not just giving you some of London’s top emerging artists to play with. How about hacking one of London’s hippest DJs?

Music Tech Fest’s resident DJ (and accountant) Sydney Levinson, aka #barryslounge is bringing his box of un-Shazamable 45s, his portable dancefloor tape, his trademark badges and buttons and an open invitation for you to hack, reinvent, and mess with the eclectic and eccentric world of London’s greatest hidden musical treasure and curator extraordinaire.

For a taste of what you’re in for, have a listen to some of #barryslounge’s favourite jams - prepare yourself for surprise and delight, and leave your genre definitions at the door.

Register for the #MTFCentral hack camp now.

The festival of music ideas

Whether the hack camp’s for you or not, you don’t want to miss what we’ve packed onto the #MTFCentral main stage. The weekend features dozens of unique showcases, performances and demonstrations of:

  • Technology Mutants who hybridise instruments, manipulate memory, interpret data and transform themselves through musical expression;
  • Geek punks, electro legends and music hackers joining forces to tear up the stage;
  • New ways of thinking, alternative uses and new experiments in the science of music;
  • New startup ideas created using #MusicBricks - a toolkit of some of the best music technologies coming out of EU research centres that allow creators, developers and digital content makers easy access to core building blocks of music;
  • The worlds of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology combining in the mind of the computer to create sonic artwork and musical experiences unlike any we have known before;
  • The collapse of the imaginary barriers between artist and audience, performance and space, dream and reality;
  • New uses for 8-bit lo-fi technologies and pioneering noise machines fashioned from recycled materials;
  • The inventors and artists of the future - from children entering the world of music technology through coding and making - to removing the barriers to the world of music creation for people with disabilities;
  • Your first chance to see the inventions and designs by creative developers using some great new technologies exclusively available at #MTFCentral - from new types of physical interfaces and performances to software projects and startups.
  • World famous artists performing with emerging local artists, using new musical instruments and in entirely new collaborative contexts.

Register now for #MTFCentral in Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 18th - 20th.