Introducing Philips Hue kit to the MTF Hack Camp

We’re delighted to announce that Philips have now joined the Music Tech Fest family, and will be challenging our hackers to develop using their Hue lighting system. For the first time we’ll be able to combine sound and light to generate immersive musical experience, new types of performance, health and mood interventions, new forms of communication, and composition with music and light. They’re opening up their API at #MTFCentral, providing us with their developer kits (shown above) to test your concepts with, and bringing some of their top engineers to partner with hacker teams.
In combination with the exclusive technologies available to #MTFCentral hack teams through the #MusicBricks project, the Philips Hue lighting system will enable our hackers to invent projects that bring new functionality and rethink the relationship between light and music for a connected world.

Philips has a progressive developer policy with Hue - and we have a strong policy of protecting hackers’ intellectual property at Music Tech Fest. As you are free to create with their product, Philips and MTF think it should also be you who profits from your work. You own what you make and are free to give it away or sell it. Find out more about the Philips Developer program.

Here’s your last chance to sign up for the #MTFCentral hack camp
#MTFCentral: 18-21 September
at Cankarjev Dom & +MSUM
Ljubljana, Slovenia
- in collaboration with IRZU and Earzoom.