Hack everything

The hack camp at Music Tech Fest is known for its focus on physical objects, inventing noise-making machines, new types of performance, new musical instruments, interfaces and products - as well as working with more intangible materials like APIs, software, and concepts.

This time, we’re going further and deeper…

    1. At #MTFCentral, hackers will have access to more data and richer code than ever before - including the new Musimap algorithm, which applies fifty-five weighted variables to model the world’s discography as a multi-layered system of crossed influences based on a musicological, lexicological and socio-psychological approach.
    2. We’ll give hackers access to the #MusicBricks collection of APIs, GUIs and TUIs – exclusive technologies from top research institutions from around Europe. These tools have now been joined by SyncJams - a zero-configuration network-synchronised metronome and state dictionary for music applications, created by Chris McCormick with support and concept development from Ninja Tune’s Matt Black.The best #MusicBricks projects are supported with mentoring and micro finance to develop to commercial prototype. Successful #MusicBricks projects already underway are being mentored by Josh Saunders, Head of Technical and Creative (Digital) at Warner Music UK; BBC Click presenter and music hacker LJ Rich; and Matt Black of Coldcut and Ninja Tune. We already have 8 new startup ideas being supported in this way and will be selecting the final 3at #MTFCentral.
    3. We’re going to hack the artists themselvesB3 Media are bringing a cohort of artists from London - music producers, film-makers, musicians and more. The B3 Media artists will offer themselves and their projects up to be hacked, modified and re-invented through the liberal use of creative technologies - and the results will be performed, demonstrated and showcased on the main festival stage.Find out how you can be one of these artists

At the #MTFCentral hack camp, we’ll be joined by judges that include world-famous artists such as Nitin SawhneyReeps OneGraham Massey, Håkan Lidbo  and more - as well as some of the inventors of the very technologies that you’ll be using in the hack camp.

As well project incubation, the chance to develop working prototypes and to work with some amazing companies, we also have some fantastic Sonos speakers to give away as hacker prizes.

Artists, hackers, programmers, designers, inventors and makers:
Register for the hack camp at #MTFCentral in Ljubljana 18-20 September.

You can also see some of the fantastic results of previous Music Tech Fest hack challenges that have since developed into commercial projects, prototypes, performances and new startups in the main festival programme.

Music Tech Fest is free to attend, but places are strictly limited.

Register your place at #MTFCentral now.