Join some great minds at #MTFCentral

The festival of music ideas comes to Ljubljana, Slovenia 18 - 21 September.

#MTFCentral brings together a phenomenal community of artists, makers, hackers, musicians, designers, industry pros, engineers, producers, inventors, entrepreneurs and researchers from right across Central Europe and beyond.

You’ll be joined by Stockhausen collaborator and experimental music legend Rolf Gehlhaarinternationally acclaimed composer, musician and artist Nitin Sawhney; interactive artist Tank Thunderbird; electronic music pioneer Graham Massey of 808 State; Coldcut member and Ninja Tune founder Matt Black; bioartist Robertina Šebjanič; phenomenally prolific artist, producer and creator of the Yellofier, Håkan Lidbo; musical instrument inventor Yoshihito Nakanishi - and so many more.

It’s a packed schedule - exploring the music of science, looking inside the creator’s laboratory, meeting technology mutants and performance cyborgs, creating Gunk (geek punk) - launching new creative music tech startup ideas, hacking the future of music and investigating Human Music Interaction.

You’ll see performances on new types of musical instruments, hear music performed by bacteria, discover new innovations in music production, remove barriers to music participation, make music tactile and malleable in the air, and be the first to witness the latest inventions and designs by creative developers using some great new technologies. It’s a creative, experimental space where the future of music is both celebrated and invented.

Check out the full schedule of demos, performances and showcases of new music ideas. The festival is at the beautiful Cankarjev Dom and hosted in partnership with IRZU and the Earzoom Festival. Registration for each session is free and there are strictly limited spaces.

If you’d like to join our 24-hour hackathon or take part in our research symposium at the Museum of Modern Art, you’d be very welcome. Follow the links below to register for those segments of the festival too.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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