MTF Labs Aveiro 2021

Kristin Gecan in conversation with Michela Magas

Sofia Crespo

Kristin Gecan is a writer and editor directing content efforts as part of the IIT Institute of Design (ID) leadership team in Chicago. She comes to design by way of the humanities, specifically art history, writing, and language. Kristin is interested in collapsing genres and stomping across disciplines—which is why design is such a friendly place to be. Design is the ideal stomping ground for interdisciplinarity, for asking questions that are useful to the larger world and charting a way forward, and for sharing research, creative work, and scholarship that goes beyond the ivory tower.

Focused on supporting designers’ abilities to write evocatively about their work—and always making the case for the use for writing in design—Kristin has a particular interest in text-image studies, rhetorical devices, and making ideas real through narrative and digital communications, including through ID’s recently launched podcast With Intent. She has explored the role of communication and design in movement making and is looking next at best practices for the suspension of disbelief, and what bringing reparative reading and design writing together might accomplish.

At 8:00pm Portugal time on Thursday 14th, Kristin interviews MTF founder and CEO Michela Magas for the With Intent podcast, live on stage as an exclusive at MTF Aveiro for participants and satellites, direct from Chicago.

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