Hej! My name is Turo Pekari. I’m accelerating innovation for Teosto, the music rights management society based in Helsinki, Finland. We launched Teosto Futures Lab innovation platform in 2016 and since then, I’ve been on a mission to rethink the way music rights management organisations work.

In the past few years I’ve been working on a wide range of music & tech related projects including launching a blockchain platform for music copyright organisations, running a Nordic R&D initiative to build a future model for collective management of music rights, experimenting future service concepts to music festivals with affective technologies, developing an EU-funded tech-enabled music education concept for eduexport, advising and mentoring startups, organising hacks and challenges and in general building bridges between music rights organisations and the tech community. I’m also doing a lot of public speaking in events like MusicBiz, Slush Music, Sonar+D, C/O Pop, Eurosonic, Primavera Pro and Nylon Connect on various topics like blockchain, music metadata, music education, open innovation, affective computing, design-thinking, open data etc.

I attended Music Tech Fest for the first time in Berlin in 2016 as an invited expert for the MTF Blockchain Laboratory, which resulted in one of the early music industry blockchain whitepapers that I co-authored. In 2017, Teosto was partnering with the MTF Creative Labs in Helsinki in parallel with Slush Music, creating a jawdropping blockchain + neuroscience extravaganza, experimenting with smart contracts and accessible tech. In MTF Stockholm, I’m hosting Teosto Futures Lab Hack Challenge as a part of the 24-hour Hack Camp as well as presenting about data-driven innovation with our partners from The Lisbon Council and ESADE at the Research Symposium.

For me, MTF has been a dream-come-true event: inspiring atmosphere, always a learning experience, one of the best places to meet mind-boggling talent and knowledge in the music/tech space and last but not least, MTF has resulted in long-lasting friendships. My all-time favourite artist is Prince. I’m sure he would have loved MTF as well.

See you soon!