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Submit your final track for the MTF Örebro Trackathon

Hi - apologies if you’ve already sent the finished WAV file over. If you haven’t, here’s your last chance. Either way, we need to ensure we have it in the correct form (44.1kHZ, 16bit) and with the correct information for our digital distributors, so could you please complete this form and submit your finished song? Thanks!

Once we have all of the tracks we can send this out to all of the streaming services and online music platforms. Please ensure you complete this by Friday 28th February, otherwise we will have to publish the EP without your song.

Getting there… just this one last step. Thanks very much - and look forward to getting this out to the world!

The overall theme of MTF Örebro is ‘Humans in da Loop’.

With that in mind, Graham Massey has developed a concept around the idea of music that gets you to move in a different way. He’s interested in getting away from the standard rhythms that have dominated Western dance music and explore the emotional impact of rhythms through the broken grids, polyrhythms, wonky beats and different mathematics that can be found in other traditions or with the help of new technologies.

It’s about the beauty of rhythm, rhythmic complexity, and especially about expanding the creative and emotional palette of music by connecting electronics and digital technologies with cultural traditions and the broader range of ways in which the human body can move and express itself.

The raw material that the Trackathon participants will work with on the day will include Eastern European traditional vocal folk song samples, AI-generated audio and some of Graham’s own unique sounds.


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