My name is Tom Fox, I also am known as Vulpestruments and I’m one of the organisers of the London group Hackoustic, we showcase musical instrument/installation makers and sound artists within the UK. I’ve been making instruments for close to 10 years from reclaimed materials and derelict electronics and have been a MTFer since 2015.

I’ll be running the 24-hour Hack Camp with LJ Rich at MTF Stockholm and am VERY excited about the amazing things that will be built and the amazing people I’ll get to meet.

One thing I love doing is learning from people with very different skill sets to my own, and that’s something I’m hoping to push within the Hack Camp. It’s not just a place to build/hack things to win prizes. There will be people from all over the world, with similar interests and passions about music tech and its possibilities. So it’s genuinely one of the best learning/networking events you can be a part of.

My first MTF was in Slovenia in 2015 where our team won the Hack Barry’s Lounge challenge, and at MTF Berlin, myself and 2 other wonderful people (Luis Zayas and Gawain Hewitt) won 2 of the hack challenges.

I’ve since run the MTF Sparks workshops in Genova, Italy and in Liege, Brussels. MTF has given me opportunities I never dreamt I’d be given, introduced me to some of the most amazing people and given me a more determined focus in the work that I do.

I’m excited to learn more about Imogen Heap‘s Creative Passport project, am very excited to catch up with Kelly Snook and see what they create in the Creative Labs, I can’t wait to see what brilliant things Håkan Lidbo brings along… but mostly I’m looking forward to hanging out with the MTF family and meeting all the new members of it!

See you there.