Hi, this is Tim Palm writing. I would describe myself stubborn, weird, adventurous and always happy. On stage and as an artist I call myself Dj Arthro.

Arthro is the first part from the latin name of my diagnosis (Yes, I am in a wheelchair, a supercool specialmade one). I took that name thinking that it would always be with me. I am a geek and love problem solving, that is what keeps me going.

Music has been a part of my entire life. As a kid my parents put me in a children’s choir to boost my self esteem. Years later I still kept singing but I wanted to do more.

I had for a long time thought about learning the guitar, you know so I could be the cute guy at the campfire… But my chicken arms did not really agree. It ended with me buying a guitar anyway, my plan, to play with my feet. I “nailed” the smoke on the water riff but that wasn’t my thing so I got another brilliant idea! A drummer! Well maybe not that great of an idea at first glance but my mind was set. I bought a digital hand-drum and started taking lessons. My teacher was an old developer of electronic drums and together after many many hours together “Spaceship” 1.0 was created!

That was a short version of how I ended up here, now let’s talk about what I do, today I operate my “Spaceship”. That’s what I’ve come to call my rig. I recently upgraded it to 3.0 and can now control music, a light-show and video mixing at the same time. All my spare-time goes into this project (how much time that is, is up to KTH) whether it’s in music production, gear hunting, liveshows or really anything creative! I recently got into video editing for example.

The liveshows are my main passion and I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to take my shows to a new level, and I believe that Music Tech Fest is a great place to find new cool things and ideas so you will definitely see me there!