Costas Pliatsikas is Umeå’s master roaster and coffee maker. You may not think of the north of Sweden as a destination for coffee lovers, but Costas travels the world to find, bring back and prepare what is literally the best coffee in the world. He’s one of the world’s best baristas, and has been taking part in international competitions for years.

He’s also something of a music fan and, it turns out, an inventor - so when he was offered the chance to get involved in Music Tech Fest, he jumped at the chance. The blending of creative culture and technology was exactly his sort of thing.

He has a few new innovative ideas up his sleeve, and he showed us his already-patented invention for coffee professionals and home enthusiasts: the IDR.



Costas Roastery is supporting an installation at #MTFScandi by James Brewster - himself an award winning barista - called the Electro-Acoustic Café.

When James makes you a cup of coffee, it’s a sonic experience. Check out the video…


James will make you an excellent cup of coffee - and you’ll be treated to an aural artwork as it’s being made. It’s quite something to experience - and it’s another of the unusual and surprising features of Music Tech Fest Scandinavia at Sliperiet in Umeå, 29-31 May.

See you there for coffee.