By now, you’ll have heard about the #MusicBricks toolkit that puts groundbreaking music technology in the hands of musicians, hackers and creative developers, and supports the most promising ideas to commercial prototype. We’re going to be showcasing the successes from that project at our next big event: #MTFBerlin in May 2016.

We were expecting good things from #MusicBricks. The tools are incredibly powerful, provided by some of the world’s top music technology research instututions, and are bundled into a kit of APIs, GUIs and TUIs (Tangible User Interfaces) for maximum interoperability and ease of use.

What we’ve been surprised by is the sheer response, the global impact and the range of brilliant innovations and inventions that have come out of the project.

  • By the end of month 9, the #MusicBricks hashtag already racked up 1.5 million impressions via social media;
  • There are now 11 #MusicBricks in the toolkit: 3 exceptional new tools, SyncJamsPOF and Sonarflow have been added by external industry partners;
  • One of the tools, the postage-stamp sized, low latency R-IoT microboard, is already batch tested in production;
  • The #MusicBricks toolkit has generated 11 new product prototypeswhich include some completely innovative IoT-driven products;
  • One of the projects has already initiated a patent application;
  • The #MusicBricks innovation has already generated 4 peer-reviewed scientific papers and a book chapter, all accepted for publication;
  • Project mentors have included representatives of Warner Music, Philips and the BBC;
  • #MusicBricks innovation has proven useful well beyond the music industry, including even the forestry and agriculture sectors.

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