Music Tech Fest is the festival of music ideas. It brings together artists and scientists, academics and industry for a weekend of performances, demonstrations and presentations, a hack camp, a kids hackathon, a trackathon, a jam camp, installations, experiments and improvisations. On the fourth day of our three-day festival, we host a research symposium. We call it the ‘Afterparty’, but you should probably call it the “MTF Research Symposium” on your application for travel support at your institution.

Our next major festival event is #MTFScandi in Umeå, Sweden, 29-31 May. On Monday June 1st, HUMLabX at Umeå University is the host of the Afterparty. The MTF Research Symposium brings together the finest academics and industry researchers working at the intersection of music and technology, regardless of discipline. We include musicologists, neurologists, computer scientists, social scientists, cultural theorists and musicians.

At this particular afterparty, we’ll be formally establishing the MTF Research Network - a global, interdisciplinary research network that aims to connect and initiate new research projects, locate funding to develop those projects, and champion music technology and the study of Human Music Interaction as a route to new understandings, to shape policy and to make better worlds.

We even wrote a manifesto.

Register now

We’d love you to be there to share ideas and help us form this new transnational research network and look for new ways to work together. If you’re coming to Umeå, you should aim to get there by Friday 29th May, stay the weekend for the festival, and then attend the symposium on Monday 1st June.

Here’s the registration link to attend the symposium.

Here’s the registration link to attend the festival.

If you’re coming from out of town, we have a fantastic hotel deal. To book the U&Me hotel at our massively discounted rates, go to http://umehotel.se/en and click the +More button when you’re ordering. Enter the code ‘MusicTech’.

Finally, if you’d like to showcase your research or performance work on the main stage as part of the festival, use the open call signup form: https://mtflabs.net/opencall.