Swedish Music Tech Toolkit


In 2018, In partnership with the Swedish Institute, we showcased Swedish ingenuity worldwide, and provided the platform for ideas that build on top of Swedish music and tech capabilities. More details can be found below. For more information about the MTF Labs unique methodology for building global ecosystems contact us at info@mtflabs.net


Showcase your product to the world. Embed your data in international innovation. Build bridges with global communities.


Sweden is ranked number one in Europe for innovation. As a leader in both music and technology, Sweden can build bridges with global communities through play, learning, transfer of knowledge, and creative innovation. 

Music is a powerful social glue that brings people together, connects with culture and community and engages people of all backgrounds and ages.

Sweden is the largest exporter of music per capita in the world, a world leader in music production and a global force in cultural influence through music.

Music technology combines the accessibility of music with the potential to unlock creative innovation.

Music Tech Fest innovation events hosted by the 140+ Swedish embassies around the world allow for local inventors, creatives and technologists to create new ideas, projects and products in many countries around the world that bring Swedish technologies to new markets and build bridges with Swedish culture and industry.


The Swedish Music Tech Toolkit enables Swedish creativity and expertise to become central to the growth of many ideas in global communities.


Global innovation events

The Swedish Music Tech Toolkit is conceived as a suite of applications, interfaces and technologies that represent the best in Swedish innovation in the music and technology sectors and provide a platform for innovation at events for a range of different age groups and experience levels to be hosted by Swedish embassies around the world.

Music Tech Fest provides active facilitation of innovation events by experienced innovation facilitators who incentivise and coach the creation of novel ideas for music tech instruments, interfaces, products and services with both young and mature participants.

The live and interactive engagement with the local communities contributes to cultural exchange, learning, play, and innovation - and creates bridges between Swedish businesses and global innovation communities.


During the innovation events, the Swedish embassies host an exhibition that highlights the contributions from participating organisations. The exhibition showcases products, components, printed materials and interactive displays featuring the Swedish Music Tech Toolkit technologies.

The Music Tech Fest Innovation Marathon at the local Swedish embassies is run to seed and encourage new hybrid technologies, inventions and creative applications that build on top of Swedish ingenuity and address local needs, challenges and markets in new and unexpected ways.

Local incubators, companies and educational institutions are encouraged to support further prototyping of the ideas into performances or market-ready prototypes, and embed Swedish tools in the local ecosystem.


MTF ensures that a connection is kept between the global innovation teams and the Swedish companies, to establish bridges between Sweden and the global cultural and innovation ecosystems.


Young Sparks


A few select tools from the Swedish Music Tech Toolkit may be suitable for use by children and young people, whom we refer to as the “Young Sparks”.

MTF facilitators work with the ratio of 1 coach to 4 children/young students. For the little ones - 6-12 year olds - we recommend a 3 hour workshop with a break. For 12-18 year olds, the workshop is more intense and runs for 4 hours.

Children and young students are all encouraged to get on the stage and perform with their inventions in front of parents/guardians.


The Swedish Music Tech Toolkit will be launched as part of Music Tech Fest Stockholm at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 7-9 September 2018.

The pilot at MTF Stockholm sets the scene for the innovation marathons at Swedish Embassies worldwide. The suite of Swedish Music Tech Toolkit technologies are being given to participants of the 24-hour Hack Camp and 24-hour Creative Labs to invent new applications, use cases and business models.

Video materials of the inventions are being created to support and promote the international programme. The best ideas are incubated in partnership with KTH Innovation.

Contact us to find out more about getting involved with MTF Stockholm at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 7-9 September.


Get involved


Showcase design
The Swedish Institute has engaged a top design company to create a series of stands and visual materials for an exhibition of Swedish music technologies. We require images, supporting text and other media that can be integrated into these displays. The displays will be premiered within Music Tech Fest Stockholm at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 7-9 September 2018.

Toolkit integration
The tools that you submit can be whole products, datasets (accessible via API), enabling technologies (eg: microboards and other TUIs - tangible user interfaces), GUIs, software, etc. Each event will require the availability of the tools so that local innovators can get their hands on the Swedish technologies in such a way as to connect them, build with them and create new ideas that can then be supported locally.

Involvement in all of the events is not expected by all participants because of the time and travel implications. However, attendance by engineers and product specialists is welcomed at all events, and especially encouraged at the launch event that will take place at MTF Stockholm in September.