Hej! I am Sudhanshu Kuthe, from the incredible land of India.

Since my childhood, I have been fond of folk music and traditional musical instruments. I used to play Tabla, one such classical instrument.

Science, logical facts and experimental verification have always fascinated me, and it was this fascination which inspired me to choose engineering as my career. I graduated in the area of metallurgical and material science from the Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, one of the prestigious engineering colleges in India. To gain advanced knowledge of technology, I have come to Sweden for my post graduate studies.

The programs in Sweden are much more open and technologically sound in comparison with the Indian education system. After completing my master’s studies, my goal is to go for doctoral studies.

I know what you’re thinking: Music and material engineering are completely different topics so why is this person participating in Music Tech Fest? Let me clarify: Manufacturers of music instruments will think about a material’s properties so they can produce a viable and sustainable product. Take the case of steel used for making drum plates. Sounds produced from the drum will depend on the quality of steel used, thereby meaning that material engineering is required. Another example is in the case of electronic instruments where semiconductors play a crucial role. Material science is an important contributor to musical instruments and music in general.

To mould a person’s career in the right shape, I believe that one should actively participate in technical festivals, conferences, social functions, industrial trips etc. This autumn, Music Tech Fest at KTH brings an opportunity for all of us to meet various artists and technologists from different parts of the world. I will get the chance to explore aspects of both art and technology together, which is like the icing on the cake for me.

September will be full of excitement and I am curious to meet every one of you during MTF Stockholm 2018. Get ready for an adventure!