Siren is a ritualized performance inspired by the Aveiro para-hydromorphic Regosal - the constantly changing boundary between land and water. Breathing, voluntary and involuntary muscle movements and dual heartbeats compose the sound. The performance is accompanied by an interactive video-art piece edited from a film taken from a site-specific performance at the Aveiro wetlands.

  • Anya Yermakova (performance, improvisation and composition)
  • Mónica Pedro (fish skin harvesting and processing and location scouting)
  • Alexandra Antopoulou (cinematography video art, costume and ritual, spoken word)
  • Alan Macy (interactive bio-sensing and sound design)
  • Mark-David Hosale (sound design and live electronic composition)
  • Konstantinos Damianikis (video art and design)
  • Diana Vieira (poetry and environmental science)
  • Cindy Macy (breathing and spoken word)
  • Débora Umbelino (spoken word)
  • Gonçalo Guiomar (vocals)
  • Scott Beibin (data collection assistance)

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