Hi All!.

I’m Servando Barreiro: musician, technologist and creative coder, I have knowledge in electronics, puredata programming, audio and video among other stuff. (Anatomy, naturopathy…)

One of my topics of investigation is Audiocomputer - a stand-alone machine to create / mix / enhance / perform audio with the power of a regular computer but with none of its annoyances, and with extra features that are a plus for audio lovers..

If you have been working on something similar or you resonate with the goal of this project, feel free to contact me and let’s share some ideas.

Also I recently did an artist residence at EMS Stockholm where my mind cracked open while I was making music with that amazing and pioneering modular systems they have in there and that are still capable to inspire, amaze and mesmerize.. If you wanna hear how it went / what I did, just keep in touch!

See you at MTF Stockholm!