MTF Labs Aveiro 2021

MTF Satellite Open Call
11-16 October 2021

During the intense week of prototyping at MTF Labs Aveiro last year, universities from around the world including NTNU and University of Oslo in Norway, UNAM in Mexico City, ESMAD and the University of Porto joined us as remote MTF Satellites. This unique exchange of ideas across distant geographies resulted in ongoing collaborations and exceptional projects.

In addition to the pioneering institutions above, this year we are thrilled to also welcome York University in Toronto, the IIT Institute in Chicago and the University of Arts in London, and more to come.

MTF Labs joins brilliant minds from around the world in a week of hands-on collaborative prototyping of ideas and solutions. In the Aveiro 2021 edition 45 experts and guests will be located in the physical lab at Teatro Aveirense, with a series of global satellites connected to the venue remotely for brainstorming and collaboration with the experts in the room. This year’s theme is “Just Ocean”.

The week culminates with performances and installations, and a showcase of works from the satellite locations.

Joining will give the students access to 50 exclusive talks from around the world - a full conference of inspiring content - in addition to new knowledge and collaboration opportunities. To get an idea of the type of content you will have access to, see last year’s exclusives here and a selection of recorded talks here.

If you are interested in the kinds of results and how/where they are supported and promoted, watch the short talk below delivered by MTF founder Michela Magas as part of The New European Bauhaus.

Activities are very hands-on and culminate in final performances / installations created by all those in the room, and sometimes in remote collaborations with those participating from various parts of the world. Inspirational speeches are delivered at the launch, and every evening, to inject the atmosphere and stimulate the thinking. During the day a separate zoom room allows for brainstorming sessions with worldwide collaborators. But the main purpose is to evolve works, build collaborations and identify novel research directions which can continue well beyond the intense week of hands-on activity.

1) To join as a satellite and have access to brainstorming with inspiring experts and collaborators from around the world, all you need is a space (e.g. venue or classroom) and a zoom connection preferably projected onto a large screen.

2) Students are encouraged to take a leap in their personal and project development during this intense week - we call it an “acupuncture point” in their studies. The outcomes of that week are presented in a short video - one per satellite - that the participating students produce. We will expect to get a download link of your video from you by Saturday 16th October 2021 at 12pm CEST.

3) We recommend a group coordinator - an academic member of staff or a student in charge, to liaise with us over the preparations, setup, connection and delivery of the presentation video.

To apply to join as an MTF Satellite please provide your details here.

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