HELLO! I am Sabina Barcucci, a pan-creative architect and designer currently based in Milan. I ideate, co-produce and conduct several types of innovation labs, which combine design research formats with technology and creative communities for innovative purposes, and in various fields.

As a creative adventurer, in the last 10 years I travelled from field to field. I designed and researched from urban planning to product-service system design. I explored science communication and got my hands dirty with digital fabrication, by playing within DIY tech culture and fablabs. I recently ended up on music and technological processes underlying creative productions, a focus which I believe provides the ultimate integrated anti-disciplinary human framework to sense, learn and creatively explore our world.

About my projects, the first Innovation Lab I ran was in 2013, and was one of the first fablabs in Europe located in a center for scientific research and promotion, the MUSE Science Museum. At MUSE Fablab I conducted several programs pushing technological inclusion and literacy as well as collaboration among scientists, makers and designers through anti-disciplinary projects. In 2015 I attended the “How to Make Almost Anything” MIT Media Lab remote course Fab Academy, focusing on rapid prototyping for Soft Robotics. In the last two years I prototyped labs for several targets such as the creative agency dotdotdot, the tech company A2A, the music festivals Electropark, the community radio RBL, among others.

This year I designed and led the format ExEx - Getting closer to Sound and Music, a Music Innovation Lab, satellite of the Milan electronic music festival in Milan Electropark. For 3 months the lab worked as a multimedia laboratory of music listening, practicing and discussion involving locals as well as well-known international artists such as Jace Clayton known as Dj Rupture, Spencer Doran from Visible Cloaks, Philip Jeck and Karl Lemieux from Godspeed.


I am professor at Politecnico Design in Milan where I co-lead the Innovation Studio, a 6 month laboratory on Product-Service System Design.

I will join the MTF Creative Lab. I am looking for two main things: expanding my networks for co-(ad)venturing, and discovering disruptive DIY technologies enabling advanced experiences in multimedia environments. And of course to have a lot of nerdy-fun.

Let’s catch up in Stockholm!