My name is Ricardo O’Nascimento, I am a fusionist designer and artist, and I am interested in the investigation of our relationship with the world and how we can use new technologies to propose, mediate and interfere in this relationship. With my work, I suggest a nondisciplinary approach to create new means of communication among living beings and experiences that challenge and enhance human perception.

It became clear to me that wearable technology is one of the key fields in this research due to its intimate connection with the body. I have been developing hybrid installations and worn devices that perform an embodied experience to create or enhance perception. Electronic textiles, sensor technology, and sound play an essential role in my practice.

The piece” I am feeling blue… and red”, for example, enables the wearer to feel colors on their skin. It manipulates the senses and, by doing so, proposes a new way to experience colors.

It is the second time that I participate in the MTF. Last time, in Berlin, I had the fantastic chance to hang out and work with other talented fellow creatives and the outcome was transcendent. Also, some collaborations kept ongoing after the festival.

I am looking forward to collaborating again with the MTF community, to inspire and get inspired.