Morgan Donoghue - A Life, inMusic

by Music Tech Fest | MTF Podcast

Morgan Donoghue is the Managing Director of inMusic, which owns brands like Denon, AKAI, Alesis, M-Audio, Marantz, Numark, Rane and more. He was CCO at Serato for 5 years, and before that, he was instrumental in helping launch digital music services - cutting the deals with the labels that made the way we experience music today possible.

Morgan tells the full story for the first time of how he managed to secure a deal for DRM-free downloads and music subscription from the world’s biggest major record label in a bet, how he took one of the smaller global markets and turned it into the biggest consumer of online music in the world - and why, when headhunted to move from music consumption to music production, he was told to name his price. And how he did all of this from a small island nation at the bottom of the world.

Fair warning: there is some strong language in this episode and perhaps some unfamiliar terms:

DoC is the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

The Rainbow Warrior was a Greenpeace protest ship that was bombed in Auckland Harbour by French agents in retaliation for their protests against French nuclear testing in the Pacific. This was the first ever act of international state-sponsored terrorism in New Zealand.

Dave Dobbyn, Goodshirt, Goldenhorse, Tiki Taane, Scribe, P-Money, The Black Seeds and Peter Urlich are New Zealand recording artists and entertainers.

Jacinda Ardern, Helen Clark, David Lange and Marilyn Waring are prominent New Zealand politicians and political thinkers. The first three are NZ Prime Ministers.

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