Dan Hill part 2 - Sound of Cities

by Music Tech Fest | MTF Podcast

Dan Hill is Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova - Sweden’s Government Innovation Authority - where he continues to invent the future of cities. His background as Head of Arup‘s Digital Studio, Head of Interactive Technology at the BBC, Director of Web and Broadcast at Monocle, CEO of Fabrica and much more has led him to think about design, sound, space and the future of urban environments in unique and insightful ways.

This is the second in a two-part interview in which Dan explores the history of the future of digital music, the cultural and sociological context of musical experience, the designer’s search for identity at the birth of online interaction, the idea of speculative design for cities.

Dan’s interested in the environments we inhabit, their relationship with sound and the question of why don’t we think about sound enough in that context. This has become central to his understanding of the city, how we can design places and also to a large extent the health choices we make about mobility.

This extended interview with Dan introduces the upcoming Industry Commons Ecosystem (ICE) Labs in Mannheim in April, focusing on Urban and Industrial Sound Design with a particular emphasis on sound in public space.

The ultimate goal of the ICE Labs Mannheim is to bring together the realms of technology, music, design, art and culture, blockchain, architecture, urban planning, mobility, life sciences and industry - and Mannheim is the perfect place to do that, with a brilliant startup ecosystem that is going to help support the projects that emerge out of that 5-day labs experience.

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