Jeremy Morris - Keeper of the Podcasts

by Music Tech Fest | MTF Podcast

Jeremy Morris is a professor in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He teaches classes on the history of the Internet and on Podcasting. He focuses on new media used in everyday life and what’s happened to the music industry over the last twenty years as a result of digitization.

He’s particularly interested in what these “new” formats (e-Books, mp3’s, streaming video, apps, etc.) mean for the ways we make and use the media we love. His big project is to try and index/archive an enormous database of podcasts - in order to make them more searchable, researchable and preservable for anyone wanting to study all the great audio that’s taking place in podcasting.

Called PodcastRE (short for Podcast Research, but pronounced podcaster), the database has over half a million audio files and the metadata associated with them. Jeremy joined MTF Director and long-term podcaster Andrew Dubber on stage at MTF Stockholm to talk podcasts, archives and podcast archives.