Nancy Baym - Playing to the Crowd

by Music Tech Fest | MTF Podcast

Nancy Baym is a pioneer of internet research. She was a member of the founding board and former president of the Association of Internet Researchers and is Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge MA, where she studies how people, audiences and workers such as musicians understand and use communication technologies in their everyday relationships.

Nancy organised and led the first MTF Research Symposium in 2014, and gathered a group of world-leading academics together to co-author the Manifesto for the Future of Music Technology Research at #MTFBoston. She came to MTF Stockholm last year to lead the research symposium again, and to launch her new book, Playing to the Crowd: Musicians, Audiences and the Intimate Work of Connecting. She joined MTF Director Andrew Dubber on the interview stage to discuss her book, her career, her life as a seriously dedicated music fan - and a researcher in the study of online communities, social media and communication.

Photo: Kelly Davidson