MTF Splice Trackathon™

by Music Tech Fest | MTF Podcast

Music Tech Fest Stockholm featured the Splice Trackathon™ - a 24 hour challenge to create a new song using a Splice.com sample pack curated by our Woman in the Lead of music production, UK producer Femme. The producers responded to Femme’s challenge to create a “sad banger”.

In addition, Splice ran an online competition in parallel, and all of the best tracks from both the live event and the online challenge are selected to be part of an EP that will be released through our partners at Amuse.io on all major streaming platforms with all proceeds going to support Musicians Without Borders - a charity selected by the 24-hour Trackathon winner Ruben Svensson.

Featured in this podcast are the voices of Femme, Garrett Frierson of Splice.com, Ruben Svensson and Conner Edmunds - as well as the music of Femme, Callen, 24-hour Trackathon winner The Rube Thing with vocalist Nina Butler, Roland Greco and Splice online MTF Producer’s Challenge winner One Wolf At Bay.

The MTF Trackathon™ charity EP will be released later this month.

Nina Butler
The Rube Thing
Roland Greco