Petra Naydenov graduated in Lisbon, Porto and Kiel, and is currently living in Aveiro. Curious about human behaviours and the connection with their environment, she observes, questions and tries to develop pieces that contribute to a better lifestyle. Formally, her work often explores the connection between nature and human behaviour, the tension in the relationship between binary oppositions, namely organic vs artificial and reality vs illusion. In the making of the works, she values the diversity of materials and their reuse, interpreting them also as a metaphor for concepts such as cultural hybridism and sustainability. Through observation and reflection of the surrounding environment, creates works that question the boundaries between Fine Arts and Design, addressing issues related to social, economic, cultural and/or ecological contexts, as well as the influence they have on human imagination and daily life. Its aim is to fight against social apathy and in this way contribute to a well-being.