Peter is a Marine Ecologist, an Environmental Scientist and an Oceanographer with an interest in environmental characterisation through sampling and monitoring. Interested in the interrelationship between biological systems and the physical environment Peter has worked on a wide variety of interdisciplinary projects in the 30 years he has been working in these fields. Previous projects he has been involved in span model assessment, policy analysis, Arctic and Antarctic environmental characterisation, field team management, client liaison, scientific instrument design and issues surrounding robotic autonomy. In addition to commercial work Peter is a visiting researcher at the University of Southampton in the field of biogeochemistry. Peter’s research interests are the development of methods of traceability providing assurance through the supply chain that marine food products are safely and sustainably harvested, and that they do, indeed, come from where they claim to come from. Most recently he was part of a team working on Bayesian belief networks for assessing Ecosystem Services, designing instrumentation for quantifying microplastic in the ocean interior, and making light beacons for positioning geological sampling equipment in the deep ocean.