Hi, I’m Panagiotis Apostolakis.

Sooo!!!! I was born in Larissa, Greece and did a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and… Popular Music! During my studies I would spend most of my time listening to records, going to all kinds of concerts and hanging out in record stores.

Since I wanted to involve myself in music in all sorts of ways, I learnt the bass in order to rehearse with my friend’s cover band. We never got a gig. In addition to that I had a rap group with a friend of mine called Waterless Aqueducts (Άνυδρα Υδραγωγεία), which remained active for 2 years but it is currently on hiatus. We were ahead of our time. And never got a gig.

After I finished my bachelor’s degree, I moved back to my hometown and worked as a physics teacher in private schools for 6 years approximately. Every summer I would invest my money on visiting music festivals around Europe so that I could watch my favorite artists perform and at the same time expose myself in new sounds.

In 2016 I decided to continue my studies abroad by pursuing a master’s degree in “Engineering Physics” at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Stockholm was the perfect place, not only for my studies but also concert-wise! I am currently doing my master’s thesis at Scilife Research Centre, where I find computational approaches to investigate the modulations of a voltage gated potassium channel, the abnormal function of which is related to diseases such as epilepsy and arrhythmia.

My favorite music genre is any crossover: metal, IDM, funk, pop, abstract electronica, sludge, the more musical influences an artist has, the better. 

What I’m hoping to find at Music Tech Fest  is exactly the thing I am looking for in music: people with different music tastes, different backgrounds and interesting ideas, using technology with one goal: creating something fresh and original. And being a part of it shall make this even more special!

See you there!!!!