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The international Open Minds consortium was made up of a diverse range of experts, each with specialisms in different, complementary fields. Some were from university departments, others with deep experience with Accessible Arts and Culture, and others with technology skills or creative innovation lab management expertise. So that the partners in all five countries could deliver a programme of consistently high quality, each partner recorded introductory videos for the participants that introduced their topic.

The videos meant that leading thinkers in all of the relevant domains were able to present to all of the young people participating in the Open Minds program, regardless of where they were in the world, or on what day they were engaging with the initiative. These videos provided valuable context and stimulated thought-provoking discussions among the participants. And now those videos are available for you to use in conjunction with the Facilitator Guide and other Open Minds resources to deliver the program yourself.

We’ve also included some of the international expert guest presentations that were presented live to all five Creative Innovation Labs, and these are all absolutely worth watching and including in your own program. But first… here’s a look at what we did at our International Creative Innovation Labs event for Open Minds in Umeå, Sweden, where participants from all five countries came together to collaborate and invent a more inclusive and accessible future.

An overview of the international Creative Innovation Labs in Umeå, Sweden

Introduction to Radical Inclusion

Introduction to Research

Introduction to Hypothesis Creation

Introduction to Design Principles

Introduction to Practice-Based Research

Introduction to Digital Assets

Introduction to the Open Minds Toolkit

Creative Innovation Labs in Porto

Creative Innovation Labs in Tirana

Creative Innovation Labs in Tampere

A welcome to Umeå

Jamie Williams of Spectrum First

Thomas Degn of Umeå Institute of Design

Tom Fox of MTF Labs

Wärjäämo Activity Centre in Finland

Kirsi Mustalahti introduces ACCAC

Milla Lindh of Finnish Deafblind Institute

Markku Turunen of Tampere Accessibility Unit

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