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Here’s absolutely everything you need so you can plan and deliver your own Open MindsDesign for Radical Inclusion‘ education, training, creative innovation lab or workshop.


Our 110-page comprehensive overview of the Open Minds project with practical, step-by-step guides to implementing the methodology in your own context, whether in an education, training, workshop, policy or enterprise environment. The Handbook is an invitation to all who believe in the transformative power of diversity and inclusion. It’s for those ready to challenge traditional methods and embrace new, inclusive ways of thinking, designing, and policymaking.


The Open Minds Curriculum is an informal education module designed for young people aged 16-30 that explores and develops radical inclusion in design. It is structured in six key phases, delivered in two 3-hour meetings and one week-long Creative Innovation Lab.

Open Minds Cards

Open Minds uses a unique card game methodology to help generate and interrogate ideas about inclusive design in the built environment. The cards are designed to help participants explore the experiences of people with different disabilities and the impact that design can have on their lives.

Prototyping Toolkit

The Open Minds Toolkit is a specially designed physical computing prototyping platform that encourages designers to think beyond conventional interaction patterns. By allowing for a variety of input and output methods, we cater to the spectrum of human senses and abilities, making technology work for people, not the other way around.

Facilitator Guide

The Guide is designed so that anyone can run the Open Minds curriculum and lead the suggested activities associated with it. It’s a practical manual that you can use live in the workshop sessions so that you always know what you should be doing and why. It contains activities, discussion points, links to videos and tips about timing and management of the delivery of the programme.

Introductory Videos

A series of short videos on each of the key topics for the delivery of the Open Minds project, recorded by all of the Open Minds project partners across five countries. The videos cover topics such as design principles, practice-based research methodologies, and radical inclusion as well as practical instruction on digital asset collection and management, and creating a hypothesis using the Open Minds cards.

Online Education Resources

A curated collection of links to other projects and initiatives that share the ethos of the Open Minds project. These resources are a great way to explore the worlds of design, accessibility, and physical computing in more depth, and provide a great deal of extra material that you can incorporate into your own implementation of the Open Minds principles and methodology.

Further Reading

A list of links to recommended books, articles and other sources that have provided a lot of background research and helped to inform the Open Minds project, and that will help deepen your understanding of Radical Inclusion, Accessible Design and more.

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