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Radical Inclusion 

Open Minds introduces an approach we call Radical Inclusion, which goes beyond mere accessibility compliance. By involving a broad diversity of people and experiences in the earliest design phase, Radical Inclusion cultivates a front-of-mind approach across all levels of society so that accessibility and inclusion become an integral part of all design projects.

Radical Inclusion considers that it is not an ‘impairment’ that hinders someone’s full and effective participation in society but that disabling environments created throughout history have historically hindered that participation. Radical Inclusion aims to reveal and address those societal barriers by actively including people experiencing the disabling aspects of these environments in the design of solutions in collaboration with other innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, representatives of civil society organisations and policymakers.

Radical Inclusion promotes an active approach to bringing in marginalised people to help counteract the hidden barriers and biases that exclude them. Radical Inclusion emphasises the importance of identifying and actively addressing those hidden barriers. These barriers result in valuable talent, expertise and experience being overlooked. However, Radical Inclusion also understands that the existing barriers must often be overcome before they can be removed. The active approach to inclusion ensures that all talent can participate in the process of that removal. 

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