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Online Education Resources

Accessibility and Inclusion

  • European Network for Accessible Tourism www.accessibletourism.org
    ENAT provides resources and information on accessible tourism, which can be applied to designing inclusive experiences and solutions in various contexts.
  • University of Cambridge - Inclusive Design Toolkit
    The Inclusive Design Toolkit, developed by the University of Cambridge, offers resources and tools for designing products and services that are accessible and inclusive.
  • Royal College of Art - Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design
    The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, part of the Royal College of Art, focuses on inclusive design, offering research, projects, and publications on various aspects of designing for inclusion and accessibility.
  • Design for Social Innovation
    This platform offers a range of courses on design thinking, social innovation, and inclusive design, covering topics such as prototyping, accessibility, and collaboration in the design process.
  • Design Council (UK) - Inclusive Design
    The Design Council offers a range of resources and case studies on inclusive design, including principles and practices for creating accessible and inclusive products and services.
  • European Design for All eAccessibility Network
    EDeAN provides resources, information, and a network of experts focused on promoting design for all, accessibility, and digital inclusion throughout Europe.
  • FutureLearn - Introduction to Accessibility and Inclusive Design
    FutureLearn offers an introductory course on digital accessibility and inclusive design, which teaches the basics of creating accessible digital products and services.

Design Thinking

  • Open University - Design Thinking
    The Open University offers a free course on design thinking, which covers the principles and methodologies of inclusive design, accessibility, and collaboration.
  • Irish Centre for Design Innovation
    The Irish Centre for Design Innovation, part of the National College of Art and Design, offers research, projects, and resources related to design thinking, inclusion, and accessibility.
  • Centre for Excellence in Universal Design
    The Irish Centre for Excellence in Universal Design provides guidelines, research, and case studies on universal design, an approach that aims to create products and environments that can be used by everyone.
  • TU Delft - Design for Interaction
    The Design for Interaction group at TU Delft in the Netherlands focuses on research and education in user-centered design, including topics such as inclusive design, accessibility, and collaborative design.
  • European Innovation Academy
    The European Innovation Academy offers programs and resources on innovation, entrepreneurship, and design thinking, including topics such as prototyping, accessibility, and collaboration in the design process.
  • Coursera - Design Thinking Courses
    Coursera offers a variety of design thinking courses that cover the principles and methodologies of inclusive design, accessibility, and collaboration.
  • Stanford d.school
    Stanford’s d.school provides a range of resources and online courses focused on design thinking, human-centered design, and inclusive design principles.
  • Interaction Design Foundation
    IDF offers a variety of courses on design, including topics such as accessibility, inclusive design, and design thinking. It also provides courses on prototyping and collaborative design

Microboards and Physical Computing


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