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The Open Minds Handbook

The Open Minds Handbook is a 110-page comprehensive overview of the Open Minds project with practical, step-by-step guides to implementing the methodology in your own context, whether in an education, training, workshop, policy or enterprise environment. The Handbook is an invitation to all who believe in the transformative power of diversity and inclusion. It’s for those ready to challenge traditional methods and embrace new, inclusive ways of thinking, designing, and policymaking.

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The Handbook is a blueprint to replicate the unique Open Minds experience in your own setting. It offers detailed guidance on every aspect of running a Creative Innovation Lab – from setting the stage for brainstorming and ideation using our card game methodology to the nitty-gritty of hands-on prototype development with our custom-designed toolkit. This Handbook aims to simplify the process, providing clear instructions and tips based on our experiences and learnings.

Perhaps you’re looking to adapt rather than replicate. In that case, the Handbook is flexible enough to allow you to infuse elements of the Open Minds approach into your own teaching practices. Whether incorporating our card game into your design thinking workshops or using our principles of Radical Inclusion to foster a more empathetic and diverse learning environment, this Handbook is designed to be adaptable to your needs. It’s here to guide you in creating educational and team development experiences that are informative and transformative for you, your participants, and your colleagues.

Blue hexagon with a girl with colourful flowers covering her eyes
Blue hexagon with a girl with colourful flowers covering her eyes
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