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Facilitator guide 

A facilitator is a youth worker who helps and guides participants to achieve their goals by promoting discussion and opening up different points of view on possible approaches, and ultimately enabling the group to work in the way that suits them best if possible. The Open Minds Facilitator Guide provides a step by step path through the delivery of the Open Minds programme. However, it is not meant as a restriction or set of rules, but an assistant, idea resource and springboard into other ways in which you might want to work with the Open Minds curriculum and content. 

 The Facilitator Guide also provides the timetable and running order for the international Creative Innovation Labs that were held in Umeå in October 2023.

Rather than tell you what you should schedule, this provides you with some idea about how this sort of week-long prototyping activity can be structured. The rest is up to you!

What does a facilitator do?

The primary role of a facilitator involves fostering effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving within a group. Rather than actively participating in the content of discussions or decision-making, a facilitator focuses on the group dynamics and the process of interaction. Nevertheless, there are instances where active facilitator participation becomes beneficial. This occurs when the group encounters a deficit in specific expertise relevant to the facilitator’s scope.

In such cases, the facilitator’s direct involvement can expedite problem-solving, ultimately saving valuable time for the project. This dual role underscores the versatility and adaptability required of a facilitator to seamlessly transition between guiding group dynamics and contributing expertise when strategically beneficial for the group’s progress.

Read more about being a Facilitator in the Open Minds Handbook.

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