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In the Open Minds project, the application of our methodology and the development of the curriculum was grounded in practical, hands-on experiences centred around the principles of Radical Inclusion. The journey from conceptualisation to execution involved a series of steps that transformed abstract ideas into tangible learning experiences for the participants. A combination of theoretical brainstorming with practical, hands-on creation formed the backbone of our curriculum.

Our curriculum delivery was structured to ensure that each phase of the learning process was immersive and impactful. We organised the course into distinct stages, each building upon the previous one, providing a coherent and cumulative learning experience. The curriculum began with scenario building and research, followed by assumption testing, solution proposal, prototyping, testing, and demonstration. This structure enabled young participants to develop a deep understanding of Radical Inclusion, not just as a concept but as a practical approach to design.

The Creative Innovation Labs, a central component of our curriculum, were week-long intensive sessions where participants applied the skills and knowledge they had gained. These labs were not just about building prototypes; they were about understanding the real-world implications of design decisions. Participants were encouraged to think critically about accessibility and inclusivity, challenging existing paradigms and proposing innovative solutions. Throughout the implementation, we focused on making the learning experience as inclusive and diverse as possible. We prioritised the representation of various backgrounds and abilities in our participant groups. This diversity enriched the learning process, bringing a range of perspectives and ideas to the table, making the outcomes more comprehensive and inclusive.

In delivering this curriculum, we aimed not just to educate but to inspire a new way of thinking about design education. Our goal was to equip participants with the skills and mindset to approach design challenges with an inclusive lens, preparing them to be the innovators and problem-solvers of tomorrow. Successfully implementing our methodology and curriculum across various sessions was pivotal in fostering an environment of learning and innovation. The process was carefully designed to encourage participants to think deeply about the principles of Radical Inclusion and apply these concepts in a practical setting.

Read more about our curriculum in the Open Minds Handbook.

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