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About Open Minds

Open Minds, funded by the European Erasmus+ programme, introduces a new educational methodology that teaches “Design for Radical Inclusion.”

At its core is an inventive card game designed for collective brainstorming, coupled with a bespoke physical computing toolkit, allowing participants to prototype forward-thinking solutions.

The cards and the toolkit have been published here on this website, along with a range of other open resources that you can download and use in your own community or teaching practice. These include a Curriculum, Facilitator Guide, Introductory Videos, Online Education Resources, References and Further Reading - and a 110-page Open Minds Handbook that presents the entire project, its philosophy and implementation in a straightforward and readily applicable way.

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Purpose & Vision

As we navigate the challenges of the COVID era and its aftermath, the necessity for progressive, inclusive, and innovative educational approaches becomes paramount. Open Minds stems from this identified need, advocating for strategies that support the holistic development of all young people. The emphasis is on fostering resilience, addressing societal hurdles, and ensuring that education remains a transnational meeting of diverse minds. Central to our ethos is the principle of “radical inclusion,” prioritising the voices of those often sidelined, especially young individuals with disabilities.

The Network & Methodology

Open Minds pioneers the establishment of a transnational European youth network that champions creative problem-solving. It underscores the tenets of diversity, social innovation, inclusion, and accessibility. The project employs a methodology that harmonises the perspectives of young individuals from various European locales, uniting them around globally significant challenges.

In this synchronised co-creation space, both virtual and physical, the young participants converge and collaborate. They share, adapt, and innovate across cultural, geographical, and economic boundaries, co-designing solutions in real time.

Experience & Execution

To bring this vision to fruition, Open Minds relies on the collective expertise of its partners. They harness the synergy of technology, arts, and culture to champion social inclusion, especially for marginalised groups. At the heart of the project is a co-creation process, engaging young people—including those with disabilities. The outcome is a refined methodology, a versatile pedagogical toolkit, and a well-charted learning journey. This process is rooted in collaborative innovation and rigorous case study research, pinpointing and directly addressing the factors that perpetuate exclusion through design and creative prototyping.

Yellow hexagon with a Women with flowers coming out from her ears

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